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enjoy the adventure!

Enjoy the adventure!

When you open a Raindrops box you can experience a rain full of sensations with our crunchy chewycandies. Smells, colors and super tastes will bring you a funny moment and a smile on your face! Try our seven different flavors with all the deliciousness of a bit sweet peach, juicy apple, intense blueberry, tart strawberry, sour lemon, citrusy orange and blackcurrant (not a typical berry).

With Friends

Carry in your pocket a tasty and colorful world that you could share and swap with your friends at school, birthday parties and playdates. Let your imagination fly and play with the Raindrops boxes: collect ‘em, shake ´em and listen to the sound of the crunchy chewycandy.

With Family

The adventure begins when you create moments to share with the people you love the most. Share with your family the adventure of buying and enjoying together the different flavors of this amazing candy treats. Raindrops will make you live an incredible experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Raindrops come in seven amazing flavors

Bold tastes. Bright colors. Big variety. Raindrops has it all. Plus, they're vegan friendly and Kosher, too! One more thing: The boxes that contain these incredible candy treats are going to become collectibles. So you can share 'em with your friends and family.

Our Mission.

Raindrops was created to provide exclusive candies with different super flavors. It’s more than just tasting delicious crunchy chewycandies. It’s all about allowing people create moments that they can share with their love ones and enjoy the adventure.

Box by box, they’ll build sweet memories.