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Monster Fundraising

Start your fundraiser on the right foot, with our Halloween social contest: $ 500 worth or Raindrops for the winner, 19 major prizes and a 30% discount for every participant… No purchase necessary!

Raindrops is ideal for your fundraiser

New uniforms for your team? Check. The choir needs recording equipment? Check. Need money for the annual trip? Check. Raindrops are well received and profitable: don’t look any further.

Your school and Raindrops: it works

A successful fundraiser can make the difference for your school. Your profit margin (up to 100%) means you can raise money fast – and go on to spend it on your projects. You can count on a great candy and on our full commitment to your effort.

Raindrops come in seven amazing flavors

Bold tastes. Bright colors. Big variety. Raindrops has it all. Plus, they're vegan friendly and Kosher, too! One more thing: The boxes that contain these incredible candy treats are going to become collectibles. So you can share 'em with your friends and family.

Our Mission.

Raindrops was created to provide exclusive candies with different super flavors. It’s more than just tasting delicious crunchy chewycandies. It’s all about allowing people create moments that they can share with their love ones and enjoy the adventure.

Box by box, they’ll build sweet memories.